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An Adventure Through New Construction

1. Dream Big Day

Start imagining all the possibilities you want in your new home, inside the spec home wheelhouse. From the floor plan, size of lot and desired location. 

2. Meet Your Team

Sit down with the office to turn your dreams into blueprints and kick off the construction process.


3. Selections Spectacular

Embark on a journey of selections, from paint colors to flooring options and light fixtures, as you tailor your home to your unique style and preferences.


4. Foundation Fun

Watch as the foundation is laid, providing a solid base for your future home.

5. Framing Fiesta

Get excited as the framing goes up, giving shape to your new abode. At this time, we will also schedule a framing walkthrough. 

6. Roof Over Your Head

Celebrate as the roof is installed, and the project starts to take on its true identity as your home.

7. Kitchen Kickoff

Witness the beginning of your house’s transformation, as cabinets and countertops are installed, setting the stage for culinary adventures to come.


8. Foreman's Bluetape Walkthrough

The buyers and their agent will join a Reda foreman on a detailed inspection of your new home, utilizing blue painter’s tape to highlight any areas requiring attention before the final touches are applied.

9. Final Walkthrough

Take a final walkthrough of your home, marveling at its transformation from blueprint to reality.


10. Move-In Madness

Break out the moving boxes and start turning your house into a home.

11. Settle In & Enjoy

Finally, kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in your brand-new, newly built paradise. From dreaming big to settling in, the new construction process is an adventure filled with excitement and anticipation every step of the way!